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In lack of menu ideas? Aperitifs, starters, dishes, desserts, drinks ... The site offers a range of high quality kitchen products: salads for gourmet pleasures, little sauced, and tasty and light pork meats to enhance your tables in all circumstances. The recipes are the choice of traditional and high quality natural foods. For your pleasure, discover first-hand recipes of high quality and let yourself be enchanted by a gastronomic journey ... The secrets of the greatest chefs are revealed to you for the pleasure of your eyes and especially your palates.


This is the starter of your meal, it must be representative of your kitchen and not be too rich, so that you can enjoy the rest of the meal. Vary your entries according to the seasons and the time you have. Try some appetizer recipes such as chicken, carrot, peas, corn, and emmental with Ketchup. A recipe full of flavors and colors that will appeal to the youngest and the greatest! It is a recipe that you can enjoy as an appetizer next to a mixed salad. The pavers are crispy and very tasty. Starters cold or hot, salty or sweet, simple or sophisticated ... the site offers you its best recipes. At your stove!

Main course

Whether unique, meat, poultry, game, or vegetarian, the dish is the main element of the meal. Everything revolves around him. Cold or hot dishes, salty or sweet, simple or sophisticated ... the site offers you, for free, its best dish recipes.


The pudding is a sweet dessert of English origin, hot or cold based on dough, bread crumbs, biscuits, rice or semolina, with fresh fruit, dried or candied and spices, all linked with Eggs or cream usually baked in a mold and served with a fruit sauce or custard. Cold or hot desserts, sweet or savory, simple or sophisticated ... offers you, for free, its best dessert recipes.

Unusual recipes

At first you may be a bit skeptical about using unusual recipes for your meal, but it's the best way to discover new sensations such as avocado in a dessert. But avocado can actually be mixed with sweet ingredients, especially if you add a little vanilla extract to soften the whole. In many Asian countries, avocado is more often used as a fruit than a vegetable.

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